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L-theanine — Bring Me an Abundance of Glutamates

Matcha contains up to five times as much L-theanine as regular green tea (20 mg versus 4 mg), due largely to these shading techniques Japanese farmers discovered and developed centuries ago. Full-blown sunlight diminishes L-theanine, shading enhances it. — https://breakawaymatcha.com/journal/matcha-productivity-and-ltheanine/


Consuming L-theanine while increasing Glutamate level.

Matcha shaken not whisked.

Matcha shaken not whisked.

Since our relocation to the Southwest, we have found the process of proving who we are and that we are residents while trying to update our routine identifications can be extremely stressful. Believe me these tasks can be challenging. For example, the process of obtaining a new driver’s license and registering the car can be over whelming, stressful and require cognitive powers long laid to rest. (Word of caution to any married woman — you had better be able to track your name change from your birth certificate.)  Here’s where tea, books, and early morning nature appreciation/meditation have come to my rescue. My mornings are now requiring two cups of Matcha to face whatever the day may bring whether planned or a surprise.

A typical tea schedule for me these days is two cups of Matcha to start, followed by a strong cuppa of Pu’erh tea to keep the stomach extremely clam, with an afternoon and evening of cold brewed flavored iced tea for hydrating. Fortunately, I am not one that caffeine prevents a good night’s sleep.  But, if I do feel stressed in the early evening a cuppa of strong camomile tea usually does the trick — along with a audio book and I am off to dreamland. 

Days of the above tea routine properly prepared me for my recent experience at the DMV. Having been to the DMV once before and told that I had to have a social security card as proof of identity. Unfortunately my social security card is in a very safe place in Pennsylvania; so this required me to make a trip to one of the local Social Security offices. If you have ever been to a Social Security office I need not tell you what a experience that can be. The new card arrives, along with a duplicate birth certificate; so it is off to the DMV again. This trip the issue became that my name on the new Social Security card did not match the name on my birth certificate. Thank goodness I had a current passport that could be used as proof of identity because I have no idea where to find our marriage certificate — it probably is in the same “safe place” in Pennsylvania. So finally, after two tries to have my picture taken for the driver license because my name did not match on the documents, I should soon receive a Nevada driver’s license. Might I add that I have no idea what version of my name will appear on it. 

Now onward and upward to the next group of challenges — finding a forever home, securing new doctors, and establishing new favorite restaurants, parks, and stores. Okay, so finding the stores won’t be a challenge!

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