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The Recipe Box/Tea Pairing

“You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” Julia Childs

“You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” Julia Childs

I recently came across the above quote in one of my “summer read” books — actually it was the first book I borrowed from our new library. (We are finally relocated to the Southwest but that is a blog within itself for the future.) 

I found The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman to be a much needed encouragement for what is important in life — the love of a family, being where you are happiest, and providing a basis for grandchildren to understand their history. Perhaps it is just because “I am a woman of a certain age” that I think providing information on the past is important but all in all where would we be without someone having provided us historical information. Just think, each generation would have to continuously solve the same problems, fight the same battles, and make the same mistakes without knowing what previously happened. Okay, enough about my philosophy of life and on to the purpose of this blog — “talking tea. . .  And books!”.

Besides moving cross country, finding new tea spots, making new friends while cherishing friendships already established; I have discovered several blogs and events that are pairing books with teas. Historically, tea and books are a well established twosome without seeking a specific tea to enhance a book’s storyline. 


The Book: The Recipe Box is a book about four generations of strong women with a natural talent for baking while providing for their family in what could be life-changing decisions to be made during difficult times. The author shares many delicious recipes that are centered primarily around fruit. A definite summer read providing a “feeling good” about life, history, and the future to the reader. Author — Viola Shipman

Tea Selection: Once I was engrossed in the happenings of characters in this book, I found myself wanting a strong cuppa of black tea to compliment the buttery fruit-filled pastry. Perhaps a Keemun or Assam — a cuppa that would be an adhesive for the buttery crust and sweet fruit without getting lost. A white or green tea would get lost in the strong fruit flavors. 

Thinking — it is not how the tart looks but how it tastes that matters,

Enjoying my cuppa Keemun tea,

The Tea And Hat Lady 

#Note — For an excellent Tea/Book pairing experience visit the PA Tea Festival, September 28-29, 2019 in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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