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Quality Teas for Those On The Go

An outstanding collection of tea — information, samples, and accessories.

An outstanding collection of tea — information, samples, and accessories.

Having just completed the 2019 World Tea Expo, I am reflecting on the innovative use of tea and herbs to promote wellness through the pleasure of their taste, aroma, and appearance.  We are experiencing a, perhaps, second, third, or even fourth re-awakening of the value tea and herbs can play on the quality of our lives. Granted there are many of us that have made tea and herbs a major part of our wellness program a long time ago but, it is always encouraging to see the interest developing within the younger generations. 

The information and products displayed at the World Tea Expo (WTE) 2019  emphasized this re-awakening of the utilization of tea and herbs in our personal wellness programs. This blog would be too lengthy if I were to describe each tea sampled but I will list those teas and accessories that peaked my interest. 

Two speciality teas that had me coming back again and again for samples were two that have been re-structured to expand their consumption ease. They were Yum Matcha Tea (a to-go packaged flavored Matcha) and T-85 (A dark tea powder packaged to go). Both teas maintained their exceptional wellness elements while providing a quick and easy way for those on the go to maintain a wellness program that is based on naturalness. The ease, taste, and benefits of these teas are on the way to replacing lesser quality beverages. 

Yum Matcha Tea — The developers of this Matcha tea are a cardiothoracic surgeon and a former heart attack survivor. For more than a year they brainstormed on how to produce a Matcha beverage that would be beneficial to those with heart disease. As an added plus that differs their “Matcha to go” product from others is that the former heart attack survivor specializes in natural flavors — making this a delicious Matcha option. Their combined goal as Ministers of Matcha is to spread the word about the health benefits of Matcha green tea.

T-85 — is all natural teas grown in the mountainous region of Anhui County in the Province of Hunan China in an extremely rare moraine rocky soil. This is known as Longevity Stone and 85% of the world’s moraine rocks are located in Anhui County. Enriching the land to grow T-85 Anhui Dark Tea. (The verbiage is directly from the back of their packaging.) (Puer (Pu’erh) tea is part of the Dark Tea classification.) T-85 packets provide the benefits of Fu Brick tea in an instant. The taste of this T-85 tea is not quite as earthy as most Pu’erhs but does work perfectly as a substitute in an out and about environment.

Although World Tea Expo appeared smaller this year the atmosphere was one of positivity. The vendors, attendees, and educational presenters were anxious to work together to optimize the experience.

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