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Tea Therapy for the State of Being

It’s the time for Spring, new beginnings, freshness, and newness, which normally brings a sense of warmth and calmness. That warmth and calmness will have to be put on hold for this year as we are knee-deep in the process of selling our home, moving cross country, and doing a tremendous down-sizing. In other words we are looking for homes for all the treasures our children could not part with when they departed for college and now do not have room for their homes.

I am turning more and more to a cuppa tea for my calmness and sense of well-being. During these times of extreme stress my only solace is found in the process of preparing a cuppa tea. There is peace and a sense of normalcy in selecting the tea — heating the water to the correct temperature — watching the leaves release their flavors and goodness — and at last indulging  my mouth with the essence of the tea. A normalcy that I so desperately need.

A blend of CBD and Matcha to provide a double cuppa of peace. 

A blend of CBD and Matcha to provide a double cuppa of peace. 

The therapy teas selected vary from a strong — very strong — Pu’erh to lower the blood pressure (which appears to be rising each day this living in limbo continues) to a cuppa of soothing Matcha to provide an even more calm state of mind and body. My most recent “go to” tea has become Buddha Tea’s Matcha with CBD. Well, at least I know that my body is well hydrated as I am consuming 4-5 cups of tea a day. To brighten what is most often a rainy grey day in the Northeast this season; I find myself having a cuppa of fruit flavored blended tea to brighten my surroundings and inner soul.

Oh what I wouldn’t do to have bright blue sunny skies over a garden filled with tea tables prepared for afternoon tea to be shared with my tea friends. Tea friends listen to your ramblings while providing the perfect release from your worries, concerns and difficulties.

  • “I just want to drink tea, save animals, and nap.” . . . Buddha Teas

Awaiting a return to normalcy.

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