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Yes, I am a Tea Snob

Yes, I admit I am a tea snob — a nice tea snob — but yet very snobbish about my tea! While making a cuppa morning tea (Assam this morning) I found myself concerned about the water temperature and began to think about what I prefer when it comes to “My Tea”.


Thinking outside the cup, as I am not a traditional tea snob, the following is what goes into a perfect cup of tea for me:

  • I prefer the water temperature to be 195 degrees Fahrenheit. In my opinion one cannot enjoy the flavor of the tea if one’s mouth has just been scalded. For a cuppa green tea the water must be even cooler — there is no standard temperature for all teas!

  • It is loose-leaf tea for me. For me the most beautiful aspect of preparing tea is to watch the tea leaf preform its traditional “releasing the flavor” dance. I must digress here a little by also commenting that nothing is more upsetting than going to an afternoon tea and finding a tea bag in my cup. When I am out for tea, I expect the best quality loose-leaf tea steeped in the proper water temperature.

An Oolong tea prepared Grandpa style.

An Oolong tea prepared Grandpa style.

  • .Here’s where I differ from most tea enthusiasts. When I am home or traveling I prefer my tea Grandpa style — my preference! Therefore, I choose tea that lends itself to several steepings without instantly becoming astringent — a tea bag just does not cut it.

  • I do not add milk and sugar to any tea. Although, when I am sick I have been known to add cream and sugar for the comfort they offer me.

  • As in life, I like a variety of teas. On cold wintry days I will usually select a black tea for the bold, comforting warmness black tea offers. On a hot summer day I will select an iced Matcha with a slice of lemon and in between weathers my preference will be an Oolong or green tea.

  • And speaking of green tea — my preference is Japanese green tea. And Yes, I can taste a difference between Japanese and Chinese green teas!

  • Please do not get me started on what restaurants will serve when a cup of tea is requested! Just to name a few — do not bring me water that was heated in a coffee pot, you just destroyed my cup of tea and please, at least, offer me a tea sachet from a “Tea” provider not a generic tea bag from the grocery store. Oh my, I need to make this topic a separate blog as there are so many reasons why quality restaurants need to learn about tea.

Okay, now that I have proven my children right in saying I am a “Tea Snob”, let’s raise our cuppa of perfectly steeped tea (according to me) and salute the day.

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