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Memorable Finish to 2018

Wow! What a fabulous evening! We were recently invited to the preview of The Factory Kitchen’s opening at the Venetian, Las Vegas. The evening was a new experience for me  — can you believe it — at my age — new opportunities still remain. I am anxiously awaiting the next! 

Just look at all this beautiful — and outstandingly delicious — food our hostess Nikki Neu requested for us to sample.  The Factory Kitchen provides the perfect opportunity for a group to sample and share many different menu selections. If you are looking for the perfect setting for a fun-filled, enjoyable evening — The Factory Kitchen is the place! 

From watermelon radishes to cream-filled profiteroles, all was delicious. 

It saddens me that I was too busy enjoying the food that I forgot to take photos of our main courses but, believe me the ribeye (controfileto - prime eye of the ribeye steak, bone marrow, roasted pepper~anchovy bagna cauda) was the best I have ever tasted, the scallops (capesante - pan roasted sea scallops, celery root puree, pioppini mushrooms, veal reduction) were done perfectly, and the on-site home-made pasta cannot be beaten. 

In addition to the palate pleasing food, the professional personnel is exactly that — very professional yet friendly. We could not have wanted any more attention to the details of our requests. Our food was served in a timely manner at the peak of its tastiness. Including The Factory Kitchen on your list of Vegas restaurants to try will be a winner! We are anxiously looking forward to a return visit to The Factory Kitchen at the Venetian.  

Fine food along as well as exceptional tea makes my world go round,

The Tea and Hat Lady

A Tea Lover’s Chicken Soup

A Tea Lover’s Chicken Soup

There is always a New Tea Experience Awaiting

There is always a New Tea Experience Awaiting