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Unexpected Motivation

Unexpected Motivation


Have you ever noticed how something that happens to a person unknown to you personally will have a deep impact on your life? I recently have had this happen to me with the passing of two, totally different, unrelated people. In both cases I only knew the people through Facebook and blog postings but their life experiences were such that I had noticed what they were doing, who they cherished, and what they strived to accomplish. 

Unfortunately, some of their later goals may go unreached but; the effect their lifestyles have made willl certainly accomplish much in many lives. One person was gathering stories from his childhood hometown to write a book. In my eyes and thoughts this is a tremendous undertaking. As I am a lover of books, to write one is a significant endeavor. I say that but I am remembering that another person from my past has written and researched several books on the education of children with difficulties. 

The other person had dedicated her life to her family, community, and faith. Now, how wonderful is that? I know many of us would love to think that we, too, have dedicated our lives to our families, but to also say our communities and our faith. Well, that's not always easy to achieve.  

Now, you ask how does all this relate to my blog topics of tea, hats, and life of an advanced age female. To be perfectly honest, I am not exactly sure, although; I do now feel a deeper state of meditation when I enjoy my teas. As well as a stronger motivation not to give up on dreams. There is still time to enjoy more teas, don more hats, and discover new experiences. 

Lifting my cuppa to your motivation inspiration, 

The Tea And Hat Lady.  


There is always a New Tea Experience Awaiting

There is always a New Tea Experience Awaiting

Having Tea as an Ingredient