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Thursday's Tea

Thursday's Tea

Today’s tea is a Japanese Green Tea — Kukeicha, an excellent tea to sample a mild umami taste. My typical style for consuming tea is “Grandpa” as I usually prepare fresh tea in the morning and continue to add water throughout the day . . . Ending the day with a room temperature, mild version of my tea selection. (Perhaps this is a little of the Scotch in me; trying to get the most out of a cuppa tea.


My blogs have been few and far between lately as I have been suffering from some “poor me” experiences. Time to get over this! Yesterday I had my annual wellness appointment and was thrilled to receive an excellent report. Yea me! I actually give the credit to my renewed habit of walking and all the Matcha I typically drink, eat, or wear. Okay, I am in good health it is time to stop procrastinating and get on with my life — Telling myself to do something significant!

We are preparing to move across the country soon and the preparation can be/is overwhelming — telling myself this will be fun . . . An adventure . . . A new beginning . . . A new life style.

Okay, that is enough positivity for this posting. Now back to my cuppa of Kukeicha.

Green Tea to lift the spirit!

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