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Green Tea Review -- Matcha (Japanese)

Green Tea Review -- Matcha (Japanese)

Tea Type -- Japanese Green Tea (Matcha)

Company -- Japanese Green Tea (www.JapaneseGreenTeaIn.Com) 

Tea Description -- (Harvested with love in Japan) Japanese Green Tea.  Premium Green Tea with Added Japanese Orange Powder and Natural Sugar. Japanese Orange : Mikan is also known as Citrus unshiu, Japanese Citrus or satsuma mandarin. 

Tasting Experience -- As a daily Japanese Matcha drinker, I was looking forward to this opportunity to try this flavored Matcha product. At this point, I think I should point out that I used a small cocktail shaker to infuse the tea. (This is a method I use to prepare my daily Matcha.) The hint of orange was a pleasant surprise that lingered on the tongue long after the tea was gone. I actually prepared the Matcha with both cold and hot water; preferring the taste and texture of the hot water infusion. I am not one to add to sugar to any of my teas; therefore, this tea was too sweet for me. With the natural sweetness of Matcha, I am not convinced  the added sugar is necessary. 

Overall Impression -- This product would be an excellent Matcha to use as an additive to a smoothie or desert. Although I do not prefer a sweet Matcha, this product might be a good tea for an initial Match experience.  

The process of preparing a hot water infusion of the Japanese Green Tea sample. 

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