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 The beginning of a new year leads one to re-evaluate what is truly important in life. This year, probably because of the “Sip 4 Peace” program, I am impressed with the tea connections that have developed in my life through tea peers, tea communities, and the tea world.

Yes, I know it is not exactly the beginning of 2018. But the beginning of 2018 has brought with it an emphases of humanitarian efforts within the tea industry and those that it touches one way or another. The majority of tea professionals have a genuine concern for the farmers whose hardworking efforts provide us our favorite beverage. We want them to receive a fair wage, reasonable housing, educational opportunities for their children and equal advancement opportunities.

Many importers/distributors of tea work to guarantee their tea farmers are provided a reasonable wage, safe housing, and education for their children. Don’t hesitate to ask where your tea is coming from . . . Not only the country but also the estate where it was grown. Once you have this information do an Internet search to learn what life is like for those providing your daily cup of tea. Warning — this may be an eye-opening experience for many. Also remember that the majority of tea pickers are women. Let the information you find be a deciding factor when choosing the company that provides your tea.

Here’s hoping that your next cuppa tea is provided by workers who are fairly treated and paid,

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