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There's No Business Like Tea Business

There's No Business Like Tea Business

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating at the Mid Atlantic Tea Business Association's Annual Meeting. I am one who believes if you are going to be part of an industry you need to be a member of the local, regional, and national professional associations affiliated with your specific industry. Having made that statement . . . Yes, I do participate either as an active member or active participate in local, regional, and national Tea related professional events. This is how you learn what is successfully working in the industry, which vendors carry the products most desired by your customers, and most importantly these organizations will be your greatest networking connections.

The Mid Atlantic Tea Business Association was formed over ten years ago by three woman who knew and understood the importance of professional affiliations -- Susanna Reppert (The Rosemary House), Nancy Reppert (Sweet Remembrances Tea Room) and Janet Young (Over The Teacup). Yesterday's meeting was held at the beautiful Tea by Two Tea Room in BelAir, Maryland. We were hosted by owners Janet and Erin and their fabulous staff. The deliciously outstanding teas, salads, pastries, tea sandwiches, and scones would have satisfied the most finicky palate. FANTASTIC!


When food is served, what is the first thing Tea people do? . . . Take pictures!

As is our standard procedure the program covered critical information necessary for our members to meet all government regulations to provide our customers the best possible tea and service. The guest speaker Anupa Mueller owner of Eco-Prima Tea/Silver Tips Tea Room covered the recently adopted new regulations pertaining to tea in the Food Safety Modernization Act. Members of MATBA are ready to continue serving our customers properly stored and prepared teas.


Really, the government want us to do all that?  

The next stop on the tea networking train for several MATBA members will be the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. This is always an opportunity to meet and greet tea professionals from all over the world, taste this year's teas, discover new teas and new tea accessories.

Onward and upward, lifting our cups to new knowledge, friends, and TEA, 

The Tea And Hat Lady 

Concentrating on the Estate Tea Tasting offered by Anupa Mueller.  

Concentrating on the Estate Tea Tasting offered by Anupa Mueller.  

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