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Taking a Tea Break From Life

Last week I had the pleasure of introducing a tea friend to the  Lucky Dragon Tea Garden. We needed an opportunity to exchange family happenings since the holidays before the onrush of the new year. We were seeking that atmosphere of peace, comfort, and calm that tea with a friend can provide.

The Lucky Dragon Tea Garden has an extensively large menu of teas from which to choose, many of them from Tealet. After we examined all the oolongs, green, and white teas available we selected a black tea (Jin Jun Mei "Golden Beautiful Eyebrow") from Fujian Province, China. Our black tea was harvested in the Spring 2016 in the Tongmu Village at an elevation of 2,600 ft by the Chen Family. One of the greatest features of the Lucky Dragon Tea Garden is they provide a detailed profile for each tea served providing foodies the details they seek for their food.

Our tea gave us a smooth roasted nutty essence with a hint of honey for, at least, eight steeping without the astringency of tannins -- Now isn't that a bargain! We chose to accompany our tea with spice-roasted cashews to compliment the nutty flavors. The nuts were a good accompaniment; although they could have been spicier and perhaps served warm, at least room temperature.



We look forward to returning to the Lucky Dragon Tea Room during the Southwest Tea Festival on February 25-26, 2017 to enjoy tea Southwest style. 


Raising our cuppa to your tea enjoyment, 

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