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The Ritual of Afternoon Tea

Although not entirely new to blogging, I still consider myself a novice when it comes to blogging, specifically with any regularity. Yes, I know in order for a blog to be of any value it must be done on a regular basis. Okay, I am going to work on that . . . after all, regularity is critical in life!

Now that I have made a commitment to work towards a better blog, here's what's happening on my side of the teapot. This morning I was enjoying my Matcha Smoothie and catching up on postings to The Tea And Hat Lady's facebook page when I discovered a posting by Tieraona LowDog on the benefit of developing and practicing rituals in our lives. She includes afternoon tea in the list of rituals that, if routinely practiced, can help with reducing anxiety and uncertainty, helping us to achieve the feeling of being in control of unpredictable situations.

Rituals are the difference between a hectic, chaotic, unplanned day and a mindful day with positive intentions, thoughtful planning, and a cultivated sense of calm and control.
— Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, Facebook post 5/11/2016

Makes sense to me, as I know the preparation to and the enjoyment of a properly steeped pot of tea provides me a sense of calm and well-being way behind the emptying of the teapot. 


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With all the grey, damp skies, I am in need of a cuppa of super calming uplifting tea today. Making mine a Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong to calm the soul and stimulate the taste buds. 

The Tea And Hat Lady

Wishing you a Warm, Calm, Stress-free Day.


Immersed In Tea

Immersed In Tea

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