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In My Corner of the Tea World

During the last couple of weeks my tea corner of the world has included new tea books, new teas, tea cuppings with friends (old and new), and preparation for the 2016 World Tea Expo http://www.worldteaexpo.com/, But long before the World Tea Expo is my participation at the Southwest Tea Festival on February 27, 2016, in Las Vegas. (Good thing, we decided to Winter in the Southwest.) https://tealet.com/ The Southwest Tea Festival is planned by an energetic group of young Tea Professionals that will soon be taking the industry by storm . . . If they have not already done so. I am so looking forward to spending the day with Naomi, Elyse, and Ree. 

Preparation to attend a trade show can be time consuming to say the least. First there is the on-line registration process to conquer as well as deciding which events are worth the additional fee(s). This decision involves does one base an attendance decision on the topic being presented or on the person/people doing the presentation. Granted there are tea professionals I enjoy hearing from year after year but if one does that then you never have an opportunity to meet the new up and coming tea professionals. In either situation I find that I always learn something new about tea and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.  

Experiencing teas from independent tea farms   https://tealet.com / and Elyse Petersen.

Experiencing teas from independent tea farms  https://tealet.com/ and Elyse Petersen.

The 2016 activi-teas are beginning with a renewed energy and enthusiasm.  

Raising my cuppa to sharing tea with all involved, 

The Tea And Hat Lady  

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New Year -- New Look