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A Matcha/Puehr Kind of Season

Along with the cool weather, falling leaves, and frosted mornings comes a natural need for a bolder, stronger, warmer beverage. I turn to the bold black breakfast blends for comfort, especially when feeling a little blue or under the weather. A touch of rich cream and honey does wonders for the mental spirit and outlook during these times of holiday preparation.

Now that we have had a delicious "comfort pick up," let's take a closer look at teas that provide warmth for the cooler weather along with a huge dose of wellness maintenance -- Puehr and Matcha.

Matcha is my daily go to maintenance/calming tea. I try to drink at least one cup of Matcha per day to build immunity against whatever illness maybe circulating. With the holiday hustle upon us what a better way to keep calm than to have an extra serving of L-theanine (a super relaxing agent found to soothe anxiety without harsh side effects) to keep the edge off of holiday stress. There is no greater source of L-theanine than, you guessed it, Matcha.

Yesterday, I happened across a great tea find "Bamboo Fragrance Puehr" at Loose Leaf Tea Market (www.looseleafmarket.com). The is Tea processed for Puehr, inserted into fresh fragrant bamboo, then steamed over charcoal and aged to perfect ripeness. Puehr is a member of the Dark Tea family from China and is the only true tea to contain probiotics, making it an excellent tea to accompany those rich holiday meals or for the "not so good" morning-afters experiences during this season.

Here's to the Season and to the Teas that will enhance your holiday wellness maintenance. Enjoy!

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