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Fall Teas with Warmth . . . and Little Happy Red Birds!


Chocolate Dream Tea

 No matter how much we would love to have the warmth and sun of summer to stay, we in the Northeast must face the fact that . . . "Fall is coming!" 

When the weather starts to be cool in the mornings my cravings turn to warm spices. . . cinnamon, cardamom, and chocolate. I know chocolate really is not a spice but combined with spices, chocolate becomes absolutely decadent. And thus enters a new tea selection for me . . . Chocolate Cream. . . Yummmmm. Chocolate Cream is blend of black tea, coconut, cocoa bits, chocolate chips, peppermint, and flavor creating a rich creamy dark chocolate tea. 

What better way to enjoy Chocolate Cream than to use a Tea Buddy Traveler. Bringing this chocolate delight to you all day long. We now have a new design available at Reflections Hair Design for your Fall/Winter Tea enjoyment. 


Here's to a Decadent Chocolate Fall Tea to you

The Tea And Hat Lady


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Traveling with My Handy-Dandy Tea Buddy