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Afternoon tea, ladies wearing their favorite chapeau, and friendship make for a perfect Sunday afternoon. That is exactly how I spent my Sunday afternoon yesterday only topped by having this happen at my favorite tea room -- Sweet Remembrance in Mechancisburg, Pennsylvania (http://www.sweetremembrancestearoom.com

Sharing a pot of 8 Treasures Tea (A blend of several green teas with Strawberry and Pineapple).

Only one additional thing made the Afternoon Tea perfect . . . Nancy and Susanna gave me an opportunity to share my passion for hats. . . "Ladies and Their Hats." Let's see just how do I go about sharing my passion while incorporating women from history, literature, and today who are also "hat ladies."  The rules being (1) not to bore the ladies, since they will have just eaten a bountiful tea, (2) find hat ladies people will recognize but not too easily, and (3) add interesting hat-tidbits. The method I chose was to provide each attendee with a pamphlet displaying ten hat ladies and lots of hat fact, quotes, and information. 

For the Hat Ladies I choose the following: 

  • Caroline Ogden-Jones -- The last Mistress of Tudor Place in Washington DC. (Her portrait was styled from The Green Hat.)
  • Iris Storm -- femme fatale, character from The Green Hat that races around London and Europe in her yellow Hispano-Suiza in a swirl of romantic intrigue.
  • Dorothy Parker -- American satirist, poet, a great wit from the twentieth century, and a member of the Algonquin Round Table. (see my previous blog for more details on Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table. (www.facebook.com/Round Table Mysteries/)
  • The Tea and Hat Lady -- No list of hat ladies would be complete without me!My favorite Derby Hat.
  • Audrey Hepburn as she appeared in My Fair Lady.
  • Princess Eugenie of York wearing her world famous Fascinator.
  • Princess Beatrice of York wearing the Fascinator she wore to the recent Royal Wedding.
  • A young Queen Elizabeth in a Turban style hat.
  • The Honorable Genevieve Blatt -- Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge appointed by Governor Milton Shapp.
  • Milliner Louise Green -- Louise has a unique and intuitive ability to combine colors, materials and textures, creating wearable works of art. All hats are handmade and trimmed with the finest ribbons, flowers, feathers and crystals. 

A sampling of my hat collection. Yes, I do wear each everyone of them.

Do not wait too long to muster your courage. Put a smile on your face, a hat on your head, and "walk into a room as if you won the place." ------ (Skirt Magazine)

Enjoying a cuppa tea from beneath my chapeau,

The Tea and Hat Lady

Terroir . . . a link between place, taste, and agriculture

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” ― Dorothy Parker