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One cannot travel anywhere without having the availability of a genuine cuppa of loose-leaf tea. My answer on how to accomplish this is to always have my tea buddy and a favorite selection of tea with me. 

Dry Tea goes through airline security without a problem and there is always a beverage kiosk beyond security at which to obtain hot water. Here again caution is offered as their hot water is always too hot for my taste. One cannot taste the essence of the tea when one's mouth is burned. . . Just saying!

When selecting a tea to enjoy for a long period of time -- as a Tea Buddy allows -- choose one that does not have the tendency to become astringent after being steeped for a longer than recommended period of time. I have found that Matcha, Chinese Dark Tea, Puerh, and Oolong Teas travel best. 

Although summer and Tea travels are decreasing, one must always have a quality cuppa of tea within reach at all times.  


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The Tea And Hat Lady

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A Chinese Dark Tea travels well. 

Steeped Tea leaves are biodegradable and Nature friendly.



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