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It doesn't take much to make me happy -- just serve me an excellent cup of tea -- there might be some that would disagree with me but, they are wrong!

We recently traveled many miles (7,133) and ate many meals in restaurants, I could count on one hand the number of times I was offered quality loose-leaf tea. (Other than the times I prepared it myself from my "travel tea.") Only twice was I served quality tea in a restaurant. In my opinion these establishments are excellent and deserve to be mentioned, recommended, and revisited.

After having enjoyed a delicious meal of free-range chicken and vegetables at True Food Kitchen (2502 E Camelback Rd #135 Phoenix (http://www.foxrc.com/restaurants/true-food-kitchen/), I decided what I needed was a cup of herbal Chamomile Tea to complete my pleasant dinning experience. Imagine my surprise when I was offered a "Tea List." Wow! a place that actually knows tea. Then they brought me a lovely little teapot with loose-leaf tea steeping for my enjoyment. Later I learned the restaurant is the creation of Dr. Andrew Weil. Mission accomplished -- healthy and delicious! There is no doubt in my mind that I will visit True Food Kitchen when in Phoenix again. Which, if all goes well, will be very soon.  

My daughter, a friend and I went to the Wy-Knot Cafe on 7th Street in Phoenix (http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/bella/2012/03/wyknot_cafe.php) for breakfast. Once again, I was thrilled to be served quality loose-leaf green tea in a self-steeping pot to accompany my breakfast selection of stuffed French toast. Although the review linked here talks about the coffee I, for one, can recommend the tea selection. The made-to-order breakfasts are well worth the wait providing you time to enjoy an outstanding cup of tea while chatting with the owner about her menu offerings and art decor.

The experience of being served quality loose-leaf tea will definitely become the norm with the Specialty Tea Institute (http://www.teausa.com/14527/sti-tea-education-courses),  offering courses like -- "Tea in a Food Service Environment." This course is being taught by an extremely experienced Tea Sommelier and author. Those attending will be approaching an opportuni-tea of a lifetime. Wishing everyone the very best and looking forward to reaping the benefits of your excellent tea education.

Until we once again share a quality cup of tea,

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