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Hudson Valley, NY -- Travels to Enjoy Tea -- Includes Site of Training for Returning WWII Vets

Tea, Tea, Tea, everywhere and yet not a quality cup -- well, I take that back I always have the ingredients for a quality cup in my bag. "Never leave your enjoyment to the creation of others!" If you enjoy an exceptional cup of Pu'erh after dinner then please do so but do not expect others to provide this enjoyment for you. There are many ways to provide a quality cup of tea; among those are to carry one or two of the exceptional tea sachets easily available in many aromatic teas. May I recommend . . . 

The Tea And Hat Lady visit Harney & Sons in Millerton, NY. John Harney serves as Mentor to many in the tea industry.

It doesn't seem possible that it was a little over a month ago that I had the pleasure of visiting beautiful New York's Hudson Valley. The journey included many historical sites, beautiful gardens, and delicious food shared with new and longtime tea friends. One of the highlights of the trip was The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York. This exceptional culinary school was founded to provide culinary training and careers for returning World War II veterans. The current campus -- moved into in 1972 -- is the site of the former Jesuit novitiate, St. Andrew-on-Hudson. The campus grounds still reflects the beauty and peace of what I imagine was available at this site during the "St. Andrew-on-the-Hudson" days. 



I was impressed how the CIA education programs emphasize quality and innovation while emerging students in a hands-on reality approach to the industry. Courses include nutritional cooking, wine studies, and additional management studies. My only wish would be for their beverage studies to include a detailed study of tea -- its innovation as not only a beverage but also as an ingredient, spice, rub, and critical part of a wellness program.

Our travels provided us an opportunity to enjoy a delicious lunch at the St. Andrew's Cafe. A beautiful background for our scrumptious lunch (see menu above). The sun was shinning, the trees were in bloom, the food served outstanding, the hospitality could not be beat -- we certainly enjoyed a "foodie" experience beyond our expectations. 

Here's wishing you an exception "foodie" experience -- to be topped with an outstanding tea,

The Tea And Hat Lady

Next week's travel to enjoy tea will be to the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

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