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Yes, I have definitely drank 4-star (at least) teas and they are readily available so why when you have enjoyed an outstandingly delicious meal and order a cup of tea to finish the meal you are served a less than generic tea! When I order tea I do not want to be presented a red and gold tea bag -- I want to choose a specialty tea that will compliment my dining experience.

When ordering wine one is provided a wine list from which to make a selection. So, why not, when ordering tea are we not offered a tea list of select specialty teas from which to choose? If a restaurant prides itself on the selection, preparation, and presentation of a meal then doesn't it seem appropriate and natural that it  would also want to serve quality beverages, especially tea. 

How many times have you ordered an iced tea to accompany your selection of food only to be served a tea made from a powder? Nothing upsets me more than being served an iced tea made from powder or that generic red and gold tea bag when I order tea. Quality specialty teas are readily available in all areas of the country so why not continue the excellent service and outstanding food served by offering your paying patron quali ty tea?

Sorry for venting my pent up dissatisfaction with the food/beverage industry but it is time to move forward when serving tea. Today's tea consumer knows tea, knows what they like, and how they want to enjoy their tea so get on the bandwagon and provide quality tea. 

And, good heavens, if you are operating a Tea Room and serving afternoon tea find out what quality teas are available for your customers. Consumers taking the time for afternoon tea deserve and want a quality cup of tea. Yes, there are quality tea sachets available from which you can provide a delicious cup of tea while enjoying the convenience of using a tea bag/sachet. Many Tea Rooms have found a way to provide their customers quality teas and delicious foods while using convenient products. 

Looking forward to enjoying a quality cup of tea while traveling,

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