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I recently had an opportunity to sit and contemplate my cuppa tea. You ask, why in the world would you do that? Well, that is an easy question to answer -- the tea leaves were aromatic prior to steeping and when once steeped the aroma was amazing -- sweet, spring-like (even with all the snow and cold surrounding me), and a sweet fruity citrus taste that had a very slight hint of apricot. Wow! now, can you beat that? 

All this stimulation started me thinking about all the times my beverage of choice is tea, whether it be served hot, cold, iced, or at room temperature. Taking a deeper look into my thought process . . . when surrounded by happiness and joy my tea selection is normally a fruity iced tea. This brings my inner self a pick-me-up without added sugar -- the fruit or fruit flavoring does job.

Should I feel a little overwhelmed with life's challenges, I find that a very bold Chinese Yunnan or Indian Assam hits the spot. A bold black tea always provides me a cuppa of calm comfort. I often turn to a bold black tea or the earthyness of a Pu'erh when deep in reading a novel too. 

Now, should I be reading an intense Tea book to enhance my tea knowledge I will choose a Japanese green tea -- either a sencha or a Matcha -- to stimulate the brain to retain all the detailed facts being presented. For me green tea increases my ability to concentrate and retain. BTW, I make it a norm to start each day with a cuppa Matcha. I find the wellness properties and theanine are a needed daily ingredient for me.

While doing a very stressful (at least to me) task like blogging, I often find myself selecting a Chinese green tea with perhaps an addition of the appropriate herb for the situation. A future blog will address the potential of herbs to choose as an additive to a cuppa. 

When I just want to relax, enjoy my surroundings, and find my inner peace the tea of choice is a Taiwan Oolong -- Ruby 18 if possible. To me an highly oxidized Oolong immediately relaxes my senses, brings a feeling of calm throughout, and says, "Relax, enjoy, and laugh." 

Here's to you Tea of Choice -- May you always have Inner Peace and Joy,

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