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The 2013 tea travel season is gearing up to attend Tea Festivals and Expos, Specialty Food Shows, and Gift Shows around the world as well as the many opportunities for tea education  through tastings, cuppings, processing, and networking. A concern for many tea enthusiasts while traveling to and from these events is how to enjoy quality tea while experiencing any and all issues provided us by the travel industry.

We know it is not always possible to steep loose tea while on the go and to purchase tea from a coffee cafe does not always end with a tasteful cuppa. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for a way to enjoy quality tea. That is why an ad and article in the recent issue of Tea Magazine (http://teamag.com/) interviewing Thomas Smith and his tea business caught my attention.

An open Tea Sachet for Blend No. 18 (Indian Assam teas paired with Ceylon teas).

As a result I wanted to know more about Thomas Smith -- his teas, tea experiences, and specifically his tea sachets. Wow, imagine my surprise when I was shopping at our local "artisan" grocery store and found them stocking Thomas Smith tea sachets. I viewed this as a message that I was meant to try them. I immediately purchased several boxes. (As I always listen to my inner Tea voice.) I am thrilled these tea sachets are not ordinary "tea bag." The tea selections are of prime  specialty teas -- no tea fannings or dust here. As the tea steeps you can watch the "agony of the leaf."

One of my tea travel woes has been solved, now if I could only convince airlines that having "hot" (not boiling) water is good for tea and that it is okay to serve a full cuppa water. 

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