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New Tea Accessory Finds . . .

My being a tea lover/aficionado for many years has created a challenge for my family and friends when it comes to gifts for me. Although tea cups, strainers, and tea are always appreciated gifts, my family seems to willing accept the challenge to find "something" for or about tea that I do not already own -- better yet is when they find something that I haven't seen or tasted. 

This past Holiday Season was no exception for them but they willingly accepted the challenge and were very successful. The different tea item this year was a custom designed and handmade "Tea Book Handbag/Purse" from Novel Idea Book Purses by Lynette Cornwell (www.novelideabookpurses.com). Lynette can take your favorite book or a book about your favorite subject -- as she did in my case -- for you to use as a special "purse." I might add that no printed material is destroyed in the process. The "meat" of the book is included with the handbag/purse for your enjoyment and reading. 

An extra neat feature of this novel handbag/purse is that I do have "The Book of Tea" and use it frequently as an excellent tea reference. My Novel Tea Book Handbag/Purse will accompany me to all major tea events/presentations as a "T E A opic" for discussion while cupping many exceptional teas.





I am raising my cuppa to Lynette for a very clever "Novel Book handbag/Purse" and my daughter for being a very thoughtful person. BTW, my cuppa is filled today with a Dragonwell green tea. 

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