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Wow, now there is an opening statement. There is so much to say/write about tea and there are many doing just that. Unfortunately, not all of what is being written or said is truly complimentary or factual about tea. I am sure that many of the comments do have a little substance but one has to look or read way beyond the initial statement to discover the fact. 

All of a sudden tea has become a "quick fix diet," "cure-all" beverage, or a solution to all life has passed your way. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely feel that Tea is the crucial part of a wellness program, a healthy ingredient or flavoring to foods, and an anti-aging additive that tops all others. My concern is that many think of tea as a quick and easy solution. As is true of all good things, they normally take time, study, and specifically continued use.

Green tea and now Pu'erh tea seem to be leading the parade of "must have" teas. Yes, they are both teas that can be part of a wellness program and I am sure if consumed consistently over a period time would definitely achieve favorable improvements in ones life.  I am concerned that our "instant" life-style does not lend itself to long-term practices to achieve results.

I would be move comfortable if people were drinking green and Pu'erh teas because they enjoyed the taste and aromatic stimulation more than "looking for a quick" remedy.  These teas are excellent teas and deserve to be enjoyed and appreciated for what they bring to the cuppa. 

Take time for a cuppa Green Tea or Pu'erh tea to enjoy the tea!

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