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Yellow Tea Compliments Summer Afternoons

Wow, it feels like centuries since I last shared tea with you. Summer, family, friends, and life -- in general -- have become challenging for me recently. But I am happy to write that this morning I have been able to enjoy the great summer weather (no humidity and lower temperatures), early morning quietness with only sounds from the garden. This is the environment that most inspires me to connect with all my favorite tea peeps. 

During my hiatus from the virtal tea communication link, my seasonal favorite tea has been a Chinese Yellow tea. I might add no one ever takes a hiatus from Tea!!! My cuppa was filled with the lightly pale yellow liquor intense with floral aroma and fresh fruity notes that proceeded a light buttery note which lingered on the tongue. My cuppa definitely held a traditional Chinese Yellow tea.

My enjoyment of this cuppa enticed me to return to my tea library to re-read the history, growing methods, and production of Yellow tea. If one has a cuppa of the tea subject in hand and mouth, the written history becomes more meaningful and lasting. Perhaps the enjoyment of the tea entices the brain to absorb the written word. I am sure there is a study somewhere that would substantiate my idea.Yellow Tea - as seen through the liquor in my cuppa

Yellow Tea Facts: Yellow tea can also be named Huang Jing Kwei, Yellow and Gold Wu Long. An authentic Yellow tea is a lightly oxidized tea from Fujian Province, China. Harvested and manufactured twice a year (April to May; October to November). Yellow Tea is intensely floral often with buttery notes. First produced during the Qing Dynasty. The name reflects the scent of the osmanthus flower and the golden color of its liquor. 

Yellow Tea - First Steeping

May your cuppa be filled with delicious tea and ever lasting knowledge,

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