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At our recent meeting, the  Mid Atlantic Tea Business Association (MATBA) members enjoyed learning about  spirituality and tradition of the utensils used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. MATBA member and practitioner of the Urasenke Tradition of the Japanese Tea Ceremony Drew Sodo Hanson shared his enthusiasm and knowledge of the Japanese Way of Tea.

Kogo -- Incense Container. This one is designed in celebration of the Year of the Dragon Benibachiburo -- Heat source for kettle. The picture is of a black ceramic electrically heated source.

Natsume -- A collection of Tea Containers. Where green tea is stored for the ceremony

A Kashizara with sweets to be eaten before drinking the green tea during a Japanese Tea Ceremony

A summer ChawanThe above utensils represent a sampling of what are used during preparation and drinking of the tea during a Japanese Tea Ceremony. The reverence of the ceremony brings a peace and calm to all participants that is greater than the pleasure and enjoyment one normally receives during an afternoon tea. I have found that perhaps the greatest pleasure of having a cuppa is the inner quiet one experiences when reflecting on and enjoying your tea.

From this peaceful experience we moved on to an English-style tea at Gypsy's Tearoom located in the oldest home in Westminster, Maryland. The home was built by the town's founder, William Winchester. The setting, decor and delicious food added to the enchantment of the "tea-riffic" day. Even Mother Nature could not dampen the day when she blessed us with a return of Winter.

Tea and scone with cream and jam.

Afternoon tea treats at Gypsy's Tearoom.


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