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A Social Media Cupping . . .

Today was a first for me, a tea friend and I did a Matcha cupping. You could ask what is so new about doing a tea cupping to evaluate Matcha tea. Well, I realize that cuppings have been done for decades by tea people from all over the world but today,  we did ours via an Internet social media.Granted our group did experience a few technical issues that made participating in the cupping impossible for two of our members.

While my tea friend, Julia (http://bingleysteas.com)  was in Indiana and I was in Central Pennsylvania we were able to view our tea bowls, visually confirm we were using the same amount of tea, temperature of our water, whisking technique, and then face-to-face discuss our impression of our cuppa. The cupping went well and our newly formed tea tasters will continue doing cuppings, tastings, and discussions on a monthly schedule. Our group plans to use these cuppings and discussion to build our tea skills and knowledge by critically evaluating, identifying, and appreciating teas from around the world, processing techniques, as well as terroirs.

Now to take a look at the Matcha we evaluated this morning. Our purpose of today's cupping was to improve our Matcha preparation skills as well as determining the taste difference in different grades of Matcha. Today's Matcha was ceremonial grade from a very reputable supplier. The taste was very similar to other lesser grades we had enjoyed.


 We found the color and taste to be very similar to asparagus with lots of umami leaving a smooth sweet after taste. Our points of discussion were centered on how to introduce groups to the delightful taste of Matcha while maintaining the mystic romance and spirtiuality of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.



Until we next share a cuppa,

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