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Tea Cup Discoveries

Just look at these absolutely beautiful tea cups that I recently found. Normally I do not collect tea cups but these three beauties spoke to me -- "Take us home for your next cuppa." I did and they lived up to their message.

So far I have enjoyed an outstanding cuppa of a Chinese Aged Oolong in the Lady Claire and a remarkable cuppa of Matcha in the white and blue lace bowl. The little blue flowered cup and saucer is waiting for a Taiwan Pouchong.


Lady Claire is resting upon an antique doilie embroidered by my Mother.

Preparing Lady Claire to enjoy a cuppa of Aged Chinese Oolong

This antique bowl was not intended as a Matcha bowl -- I think it is a perfect tea bowl


The Matcha is especially sweet from this blue lace cup

 This attractive cup and saucer is waiting for a Taiwan Pouchong -- my favorite tea!

Until we share a cuppa,

The Tea And Hat Lady

A Social Media Cupping . . .

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