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Having Tea at Radiance Tea House & BooksI cannot believe it has been almost a month since I last blogged. Although I haven't been blogging, I have been very involved in the world of tea visiting interesting tea rooms, cupping new teas, presenting tea education programs, and seeking out new locations for my teas and tea accessories.

The end of February found me in New York City to participate in a "Tea Tour" arranged by one of my favorite tea friends Darlene Meyer-Perry (www.theteaenthusiastsscrapebook.com)  for myself and five other tea friends. The highlight of the two days was my friends graduating Level 3 of the Certified Tea Specialist program. We are now all "Certified Tea Specialists." Who would have thought?

Many of us began our tea journey two years ago in Charleston, South Carolina and as is always true with great friendships we added more to our group of traveling tea ladies along our tea journey. Our tea journey has become a life-long journey of tea education, cuppings, explorations, and ever-being the student.

Writing this makes me think of something I just read today in The New Tea Companion by Bruce Richardson and Jane Pettigrew (www.benjaminpress.com)  . . . "It seems that tea and its rituals help to create an atmosphere in which people feel safe, calm, nurtured and protected . . . in which they can discuss their experiences and feelings in a way that is not possible for them elsewhere." Oh how true this is for our little group. We may not see each other for months but once we are together with a cuppa in hand no time has passed since our last gathering. The laughs, sharing, and love is abundant.

Our first stop was at Radiance, Tea House & Books (www.radiancetea.com) on West 55th Street. Our selection of teas ranged from premium Matcha to iced Eastern Journey (a unique blend of green and black teas from China, India and Ceylon with rose, jasmine, and sunflowers) and everything in between. For lunch, I chose a Teriyaki Glazed Salmon Rice served with Shitake mushroom, red onion, steamed baby Bok Choy and Teriyaki sauce, Edamame, salad, dumplings and rice that was outstanding.

A selection of hot tea was served in this beautiful Chinese Teapot and Cup

 Premium Matcha Tea

My luncheon selection -- doesn't it look delicious?

 May your cuppa overflow with quality tea enjoyed by all tea spirits,

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