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Greetings Tea Enthusiast,

Wow! what a tea-riffic couple of weeks I have had . . . experienced my first official Japanese Tea Ceremony at Boukakuan Japanese Tea House in New Jersey. This was absolutely a life-enhancing experience and one that I hope to repeat. Boukakuan Tea House and Gardens are enchanting with a Japanese calming environment that sets the mood for tea. Even the coolness of Winter couldn't lessen my feeling of peace and this was even before we had entered the Tea House. The beauty of Japanese simplicity is amplified throughout the Tea House and Ceremony. From the essence of the hand-rolled incense to the sweetness of the tea, harmony and serenity surrounded us.

From this day of absolute peace I returned to The Tea and Hat Lady's facility to weigh and package 12 pounds of tea. Fortunately, my state of tranquility carried me through the eight hours needed to finish the task at hand. Now all new teas for 2012 are ready for your enjoyment. I have found the White Ginger Peach and Champagne Raspberry very refreshing while the Burgundy Oolong, Keemun Mao Feng, and Golden Yunan are reflective of bold, dark teas.

Yesterday I had the absolutely pleasure of talking with the students of the Culinary Arts Program at the Carlisle Area High School, Carlisle, PA. For a high school environment their food preparation facility is extremely professional and well maintained by the students and staff. I introduced them to true tea, it's origin, processing, as well as its potential as an ingredient, spice, or garnish. The students were enthusiastically looking forward to exploring the world of culinary teas! I am looking forward to sample their creations.

 And now, it is preparation time again for the program "The Wellness Way of Tea." This program is a collaboration between me and Linda D'Agostina, Pinnacle Health licensed acupuncturist. Linda's treatment of my lower back has successfully provided me lasting relief. It seems so perfect that we should partner to provide a program combining my tea knowledge with Linda's Chinese Medicine education and skills. Along with a detailed introduction to "true" tea attendees will have an opportunity to sample several varieties of specialty tea. [To Register for The Wellness Way of Tea call 717-231-8900.]

Preparation for these programs provides me a wonderful opportunity to read more "tea" books, sample new teas, and a chance to share my tea information.

Until we once again share a cuppa,

The Tea And Hat Lady.


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