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Whoopie Pies With Green Tea Icing

Today one of my tea friends, Thomas Shu, shared a web site with his facebook friends that I found very appropriate for those of us who grew up in Central Pennsylvania. At one time or another, we all returned home from school to our Mother's freshly baked "Whoopie Pies." These two chocolate cake cookies were filled with a marshmallow/crisco/powdered sugar center that may not have been the healthiest but at that time comfort food was the food of choice in most homes. The link Thomas provided was for a healthier version of Whoopie Pies -- they have a Matcha (Japanese Green Tea) icing in the center. Go to this link for more "cooking with tea" recipes http://www.sunset.com and to discover "how to" make the Matcha Whoopie Pies. (Go to the Food and Wine section at Sunset and then to Tea Recipes.)

Don't you think this will make an excellent St. Patrick's Day dessert? Celebrating with a little green and chocolate while getting a serving of Match tea -- what more could you want?

I am thinking a bold cup of Keemun or Yunnan tea would compliment the cookies.

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