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Thank you, Tea, for Many Adventures

Recently I was asked where tea travels had taken me -- well . . . . let me think. Oh yes, I remember.

My tea travels include 

  • Tea Rooms wherever I happen to be visiting. I have even enjoyed tea aboard two ships -- one in the Mediterrean and one in the Carribean as well as Tea at Disney World. 
  • Two of my most memorable tea tastings have been under the leadership of Korean Tea Master Yoon Hee. Her passion for tea is shared through each tea tasted while learning about it's terrior, history, and processing. Thank you, Yoon Hee.
  • World Tea Expos in Las Vegas and Philadelphia for the past four years (at least).
  • Over the past three-four years STI classes in Charleston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and New York. 
  • Tea with a very special group of Tea Sisters in New York, San Francisco, Charleston, and Philadelphia to name just a few places. Although wherever we gather to share cuppa tea is a memorable experience.
  • Tea room visits with the Royal Tea Group (out of York, Pennsylvania). April 2013 will find out group traveling to New York's Hudson Valley to experience the area's tea opportunities while visiting interesting sites such as the Roosevelt Estate, New York Culinary School, and Harney & Sons Tea business. Wow! I cannot wait to make this trip.
  • Tea Room and famous garden visits with The Rosemary House/Sweet Remembrance (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania). Their trips are always extremely pleasant and extremely interesting. BTW, they provide the best box lunches ever!

Now for my "tea wish" -- to travel to Taiwan with Thomas Shu and Josephine Pan to participate in their TOST Program. To me that would be the ultimate tea experience. Many of my tea friends/associates have done this trip and have never stopped talking about all the phenomenal tea experiences provided them by Thomas and Josephine. I feel this would be the doctorate of my tea education. Of course, it would never be the end, one is never finsihed studying tea. I will always be a student of tea -- the plant, the leaf, the beverage.

Reading back over this blog, it does appear that I am a "little" consumed by Tea! Is it possible that one can be so absorbed with this historical beverage? -- Yes, definitely!

Challenging you to expand your tea experience,

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