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Today's Fall weather -- cool, damp, and the forecast of a possible "NorEasterner" created the desire for comfort in both drink and food. My first reaction was a comfort drink so -- off to the tea closet I went. Several minutes later I walked away with an Herbal/Tea blend. "Eight Treasures" from the Red Blossom Tea Company (San Francisco) (www.redblossomtea.com) filled my tea-desire

The tea/herbal blend combined White Peony Tea with lycium berries,  wolfberries (goji), longan berries, candied melon, rosebuds, red and black dates and chrysanthemum flowers. The blended berries, herbs, and tea liquor left one experiencing the lingering notes from the fig, goji berry, and a hint of melon with the after mouth feel of white tea. The liquor was a warm comfort in the morning and an iced delight for late afternoon/evening. I enjoyed the tea knowing that I was loading up with extra antioxidants  to see me through whatever Mother Nature sent my way the next couple days.

With the onset of a possible hurricane/NorEasterner snowstorm I am sure tomorrow's tea choice will be a robust black tea strong enough to stand up to milk and sugar if so needed to meet the needs of the day.

A cuppa of the steeped beverage. 

My tea choices being satisfied it was time to seek "comfort" food. When considering comfort food I went to the King of Comfort Food -- my husband. Our late lunch, early dinner was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas (for me), applesauce (for him). Now, how much more comfort could one want from a meal, except if maybe the selection had been Mac and Cheese.

Now it is off to bed with anticipation for tomorrow's tea!

Here's to a tea that will bring you warmth and joy throughout the Fall,

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