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Taiwan Oolong -- the Tea for Today


The cuppa beside the steeped leaf.The Tea selection today is a lightly oxidized Oolong from Taiwan that I had the pleasure of purchasing from the farmer at World Tea Expo in May. My cuppa is filled with a bright light yellow liquor delivering  a floral sweet, slightly citrus, flavor. My mouth is filled with a sweet fresh feel similar to that of a green tea leaving a cleansed spring-time floral/citrus experience.


Oolong teas likely first appeared in China's Fujian province later immigrating to Taiwan along with the tea farmers. I must say that my favorite Oolongs come from China and Taiwan. Oolongs have become better known in the last twenty-some years. Some of the most world famous Oolongs today come from Taiwan. Fortunately for we tea lovers, the Taiwan tea farmers chose to go beyond what they learned while living in China to develop some of the finest cultivars of Oolong tea. The second steeping.

Oolong teas can improve with multiple steepings -- surprising your taste buds with even more complex flavors and aromas.

Surprise your taste buds today with the complexity tea can offer  -- try an Oolong,

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