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At a Red Hat event last week, I was asked about the Tea cozy basket that had appeared on my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/theteaandhatlad) several months ago. Of course, given the opportunity, I was more than happy to provide Karen (and anyone else that would listen) with all the details about my Taiwan Tea Cozy Basket. Then I thought perhaps this would be a good topic to revisit on my "Tea Blog." Thanks, Karen for providing me with a topic.

Here we go . . . While at the World Tea East in Philadelphia in September, I saw this magnificent Tea Cozy at ABC Tea's  exhibit (http://www.abctea.com). I just knew it would be an excellent addition to my collection -- a "Tea Accessory" that would open many tea discussions among my guests. So I made an iPhone note -- my version a "to do" list -- to contact ABC Teas. Fortunately, my tea travels has provided me the pleasure of having met Thomas and Josephine Shu, the owners of ABC Teas as well as gracious ambassadors of Taiwan tea. People, like Thomas and Josephine, are among the very best of the Tea World. Tea people are the very best!!

The Cozy is a piece of handcrafted art that is admired by all. It is made of hand woven straw with a colorful design throughout the weaving. The cushioned lining is a brilliant red background with white flowers that does keep my tea warm. I have found the Cozy especially appropriate to use while enjoying ABC Tea's Ruby 18 -- a phenomenal Oolong Tea. Ruby 18 is my Oolong Tea of choice for very special occasions.

Thursday (January 12, 2012) will be an outstanding Tea day!! I am meeting two of my favorite Tea "aficionados" in San Francisco to discover the city's Tea -- we all know that you cannot find another American city that has more Tea history than San Francisco. Darlene (http://www.theteaenthusiastsscrapbook.com), Julia (http://bingleysteas.com), and I began our tea journey to becoming "Certified Tea Specialists" in Charleston, SC, several years ago. Since then, we have completed Level I, Level II, and Level III of the STI classes. Level IV is what brings us back to San Francisco in 2012. Well, that and wanting a reason for us to meet in San Francisco -- do we really need a reason? I don't think so since our Tea journey has taken us to visit New York, Vegas, and Charleston -- most of these cities several times. So to quote Darlene, "San Francisco, here we come!" If we just didn't have two days of classes as well. Instead of leaving our hearts in San Francisco, we will Leave our Teacups in San Francisco -- to initiate a return visit.

Until we share a cuppa again . . . Love, Laugh, Live, and drink lots of tea!
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