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Mid Atlantic Tea Business Association

This afternoon found me on a conference call with fellow tea professionals operating tea businesses in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The Mid Atlantic Tea Business Association is a very valuable tool for any tea business operating in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, or Delaware.

We had a very interesting discussion on how to maximize our marketing dollars for the best results. With today's multi-media options available one has to be very careful where to place our limited marketing dollars. The majority of our members are small businesses operating on "shoe-string" budgets so each dollar invested must generate a return. Granted not all returns are in the form of money, some are in the form of new business contacts or customers -- each of which are as valuable as the dollar, if not more so.

One quick decision made by the majority is that the Internet provides many options for "free" marketing. "Free" in terms of dollars but extremely expensive in terms of time and hard work. Although not particularly physical hard work but definitely "hard work" in terms of time, creativity, planning, and the most demanding of them all -- consistency. Web sites and blogs must be continuously updated to be of any value to your business.

So here goes my commitment to being more consistent with my blogs to you regarding "tea."

Until we share our next cuppa,

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