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Here's Tea To You

You need not enjoy tea in a teacup all the time. New Year's Eve day I had the pleasure of enjoying my Blueberry Bliss blend in one of  The Tea And Hat Lady's hand-painted wine glasses. (A set of eight was a gift from my husband.) My Blueberry Bliss is an outstanding blend of green and black tea with dehydrated blueberries and flavoring. (Be sure to watch the blueberries hydrate as the tea steeps.) The blend's crystal clear appearance and fruity essence lends itself to being served in a clear cup, glass, etc. I like to serve it in a wine glass garnished with organic plump blueberries. Blueberry Bliss is an excellent pairing with fruity desserts. I have found it to be the perfect companion cheesecake with fresh fruit topping. (The cheesecake calories are balanced out when paired with tea!)

Between football games and holiday happenings, we cupped teas to determine The Tea And Hat Lady's 2012 offerings. A very wide range of tea from a smoky Russian Caravan to a tropical blend with ginger were sampled and evaluated. No definite decision has been made yet. We will continue to carry the Champagne Raspberry, Green Dragon, Blueberry Bliss, plus a premium oolong, and a hearty breakfast blend for those English-style tea aficionados. For my Harrisburg PA followers you are now able to find my teas and tea accessories at Reflections Hair Designs Camp Hill. (http://www.reflectionshairdesignscamphill.com) Terry Martin is a loyal friend to the Tea industry and small businesses. Thank you, Terry.

Now it is truly back to work with preparation for tea education sessions on the Technology of Tea in San Francisco. While in San Francisco I plan to visit a few of my favorite tea rooms and tea importers to make a decision on what to offer you in 2012. Perhaps I will have time to sample some Clam Chowder, Sourdough Bread, and just maybe some California wines. Of course, I could just make the time -- what do you think?

BTW, I have discovered a fantastic app for the Barns and Nobel Nook that allows you to highlight, note, and save your comments on a PDF file. I am feeling very good about how I am able to go green while still having the option of taking all my tea manuals, reference books, magazines, and culinary mysteries wherever I go. E-readers are absolutely fantastic! No more dragging pounds and pounds of paper when I travel. Less weight in reading material allows more space and weight for Shoes and Hats!!!

Our family had an electronic Christmas with tablets all around. At one point we found ourselves in a room together, each person on their individual electronic device. I am sure something very similar happened in many homes across the Nation.

You ask, "What do I plan to do with all this Internet accessibility?" -- the answer is very simple -- blog, blog, blog, and blog. In fact, if you would like to visit two very exceptional tea blogs visit http://www.theteaenthusiastsscrapbook.com/ and http://www.therosemaryhouse.blogspot.com Both sights are very professional with lots and lots of tea information. I have a long way to go to come close to their professionalism but I am going to give it a try in 2012.

Until we share a cuppa again,

The Tea And Hat Lady

Love, laugh, live . . . and drink lots of tea!!!

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