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Loose Tea On the Go!

Approximately two years ago I discovered the "Tea Buddy" at World Tea Expo in Vegas and have been hooked ever since.  I am very seldom without a Tea Buddy -- either filled to the brim with a steeped loose tea or with dry tea on the bottom waiting for water to create a magnificent cuppa to enjoy. (Placing the dry tea in the Tea Buddy provides you a preferred cuppa once you have survived airline security and made a quick trip to the nearest Starbucks for water.) The Tea Buddy (as I refer to my travel mug sets) is the most convenient way I have found to enjoy loose tea on the go and as most who know me will confirm I am "on the go" a lot.

The Tea Buddy is a three piece set which includes the mug, twist off strainer, and lid -- might I add, that I have yet to have the lid on any of my Tea Buddies leak. And believe me, I have put them through the test -- they go in my handbag, attached to carry on luggage (without liquid), in car and grocery cart cup holders, and have been dropped numerous times. The Tea Buddy is easy to use and clean, extremely durable, and -- most importantly for an "on the go" accessory -- lightweight!

All you need to do is place l l/2 teaspoon of loose tea in the mug; screw on the strainer; pour in hot water; screw on lid; and go! To quote one of my favorite Food Network personalities -- "How easy is that?"

You ask where can I get a Tea Buddy? Well, lucky for you, The Tea And Hat Lady just happens to have them in stock. All you need to do is click the "tea buddy" menu above. The Tea Buddy makes an excellent gift for all who appreciate loose tea. The Tea Buddy is durable enough for teens, classy enough for ladies and yet masculine for all males who appreciate tea.

I have found that Oolong, Pu'erh, and Black teas travel best in the Tea Buddy because they are multi-steepers and will continue to provide a delicious aromatic cuppa throughout your travels. Although Green tea works well in the Tea Buddy, I have found that pouring the steeped green tea into a cup after each steeping provides a sparking cuppa. My personal all time favorite blend (mixture) is Pouchong tea with Goji and Hawthorn berries. (This is a blog in itself.)

Until next week when I will discus literary teas,  "Happy Teas to you." (A little trip down memory lane -- Do you remember Roy Rogers and Dale Evans ending their shows with "Happy Trials to you"?)

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