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December 16, 1773 -- Boston Tea Party

Did you know?

  • The teas dumped in the Harbo was most likely Chinese Green Tea.
  • Tea Parties were also held in Greenwich, New Jersey; Charleston, South Carolina; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York, New York; Annapolis, Maryland, and Edenton, North Carolina.
  • Gunpowder is a tea representative of the teas dumped.
  • The Boston Tea Party happened in less than three hours.
  • 342 chests of tea was destroyed.
  • A participant recorded in his journal that the only tea known to have been brought from the wharf was on the shoes of Thomas Melvill.
  • A sample of tea gathered on the Dorchester Shore by Dr. Thaddeus M. Harris, is now preserved in the cabinet of Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass.

A great source of information on the Boston Tea Party is available in Tea Leaves -- A Collection of Letters and Documents Relating to the Shipment of Tea -- by Frances S. Drake.

The Tea And Hat Lady will be enjoying a cuppa of Chinese Green Tea on December 16 in honor of our brave "Founding Fathers -- and Mothers." Ladies of Boston actually prepared for this event as early as 1770.


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