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Tea Thought for the Day

Hot water is the sap that reinvigorates tea with the blush of new life in the teacup or teapot. The leaves become deliciously drinkable thanks to the flavor and aroma that was coddled and tamed into being by skillful tea-processing hands. The Chinese can be counted on to create the most poetic allusions in this regard. For instance, how much more lovely it is to think about this process as they do -- the breathing and stretching of the leaves . . . Think of it as a rebirth from a hibernation of sort. . . . Mary Lou Heiss

Release all the stress that has built up over the week by steeping a cuppa of loose Specialty Tea in a clear glass teapot. The glass pot is your ticket to watch one of Mother Nature's most incredible ballets. These amazing tea leaves will gently float through your pot while breathing , stretching, and unwrapping in their dance to release their vailed oils, fragrance, and essence for your pleasure. Pour your cuppa and savor all the tastes these extraordinary leaves are offering. Refill your tea pot to watch the second act offered by the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis. 

Until we share a cuppa again,

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