Where's the Tea?

Serving generic store brand tea bags to a tea person is like serving a coffee person a cup of scalding water, generic instant coffee and a spoon . . . The Tea And Hat Lady 

We just traveled from Las Vegas to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, through ten states, stopped at many restaurants, stayed in four LaQuinta Hotels (our pet travels with us) and I can honestly say that tea drinkers are considered last when it comes to offering beverages. It is almost like the selection of coffee is first and foremost and tea is a "run to the local grocery store" selection.

Please, members of the hospitality industry, be aware that not all people drink coffee and tea  drinkers prefer specialty tea as many of us do not add taste enhancers. We drink tea because we appreciate the flavor and fragrance that specialty tea leaves brings to our cup. Most hotels/restaurants offer a selection of coffee (dark, light, flavored, decaffeinated) but when it comes to the selection of tea the choices are maybe herbal, black, and decaffeinated mostly from a generic grocery store brand.

During our travels, I found myself searching for "drinkable" tea wherever we visited. 

During our travels, I found myself searching for "drinkable" tea wherever we visited. 

If convenience is your reason for offering tea bags, there are many speciality tea companies offering tea in bags that would create a favorable experience for a tea person. Right off the top of my head I can thank of several . . . Harney & Sons, Mighty Leaf Tea, Republic Tea, Rishi, Walker Bay, and Bigelow. And please, oh please do not offer me hot water in a carafe that previously held coffee . . . The taste remains and will interfer with the taste of my tea!

Specialty Tea is probably the most economical offering you can provide your customers, so why not make it a worthwhile expenditure that will enhance your public image and create lasting friends in the tea community.

You are going to read more about this issue from me as I am on a crusade to have specialty tea available wherever and whenever possible. 

Raising my cup to the availability of Specialty Tea,

The Tea And Hat Lady