The Tea And Hat Lady shares her passion for the leaf through workshops and tea tastings for civic, community, professional, and social "fun" gatherings.
All sessions are designed to meet the tea interest level of the group. The Tea And Hat Lady's sessions provide tea knowledge, tea facts, and tea legends that are informative and entertaining to all in attendance.

Marcella  is a Certified Tea Specialist having earned this professional status by successfully completing the requirements of the Specialty Tea Institute’s (STI), a Division of the Tea Association of USA Professional Certification Program.  Students who graduate from the program have successfully completed the highest and most current levels of Tea knowledge accessible to the industry. 

Marcella actively continues Tea education through STI Tea Professional Programs, industry workshops, World Tea Expo educational sessions, and tea tastings. Her continued Tea education enhances Marcella’s knowledge and appreciation of fine Teas of the world by Tea descriptions, characteristics, nomenclature, and standards that are both accurate and understandable. Marcella’s Tea focus is on Tea leaf types, grades, growing methods, harvesting as well as manufacturing processes, brewing methodology, and flavor characteristics.

The Tea And Hat Lady regularly shares her Tea journey, and enthusiasm for Tea through educational programs and Tea blogging – and on facebook -- The Tea and Hat Lady. This progressive form of communication is Marcella’s Tea Journal, recording her Tea discoveries, beautiful finds, bold undertakings, and experiences with her Tea associates. She encourages all to visit to stay in contact with Tea – the plant, the leaf, the beverage.

 ”My Tea journey continues . . .there are many Tea experiences ahead . . .

I will always be a student of the leaf, the plant, the beverage.


"Smiling spreads happiness and joy to all you meet along life's way."

Marcella, "The Tea And Hat Lady," is registered with The Tea House TimesThe Tea Course.Com, and the Speciality Tea Institute as a qualified industry speaker. She is also an active member of the Mid Atlantic Tea Business Association, the Specialty Tea Institute (STI), and attends the annual World Tea Expos (East and West).


All tea sessions and tastings focus on tea --

the plant, the leaf, the beverage.