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    Cold Weather Tea -- Warm, Bold, Comforting

    As many of you know we, in the Northeast of USA, are experiencing a week of storms. . . cold cruel winter storms. Snow on Monday, ice and snow on Wednesday with the potential for a legendary North-Easterner Sunday evening into Monday. With all these grey skies, cold and stay-at-home weather my tea selection has turned to bold, black, comforting teas with a zip of spice.

    When looking for a warming cup of tea, my choice is normally a Chinese Dark tea, heavily oxidized Oolong, or a spicy Chai (made with yummy sweet condensed milk). When selecting a Chinese Dark tea (I am not referring to black tea) I usually go for a Puerh -- either compressed into a birdnest or loose-leaf with a little dark chocolate blended. Now how much healthier can you get than a Puerh tea and dark chocolate? Always convincing myself that I am lowering my cholesterol but it would probably be more correct to say that I am maintaining a low cholesterol. (Of course, one has to achieve low cholesterol first!) 

    To bring that zip to a cup of tea I find that a slice of fresh ginger or a few peppercorns does the trick. During the winter it is always a good idea to create warmth from the inside out and what better way to do that than to put the "zing" into your tea. When the base of your cup of tea is a quality full-bodied tea blending bold spices or herbs will only enhance the favor.

    Now to accompany your fabulous cup of tea -- a good book is a must. Mother Nature is providing you an opportunity to read that book you have wanted to but never had the time. . .until Spring arrives . . . you have the time! May I recommend Lady Almina (a book about one of the original Countesses of Highclere (Downton Abbey)) and Return to Tradd Street by Karen White. 

    Until Spring Arrives, Make Your Tea a Spicy Comfort,

    The Tea And Hat Lady





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    Reader Comments (1)

    I have found that a cup of Mint chocolate chip tea (supplied by The Tea and Hat Lady) and the book, The Aviator's Wife, assist with the cold day chill.

    Feb 6, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCarrie
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